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At AlgaePARC at Wageningen UR we work on a large multidisciplinary research program within a fifteen year-roadmap (2010-2025) for industrial algae and cyanobacteria production. In this program both commodities and higher value products are covered. For commodities we focus on reduction of production costs and scale-up while for high values compounds the challenges are on reliability on product quality and quantity and market introduction which requires an increase of product range and volume.

With a multidisciplinary approach we work on efficient use of resources (light, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus) while reducing energy input and recycling nutrients. This is done by developing and optimising reactor design and process strategies. In parallel to this we study the cell biology in order to develop robust strains which can accumulate specific products. Techniques on molecular biology, mutagenesis and laboratory evolution are being developed and used. Last but not the least, implementation bridges the fundamental research to applications. We look at process scale-up, biorefinery and chain analysis, with the aim to develop a sustainable production chain.

Our research programs
Our research Our research Our research
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