Chain analysis and designChain analysis and design

The business case of biobased products from microalgae and cyanobacteria requires chain sustainability with regard to economics, environmental and social aspects, offering a more sustainable solution than the bulk commodities available today. In addition, the economics should show the potential of the process and related products in the specific markets of interest. Commodities should meet market demand in terms of volume, constant supply, quality, safety and reliability. Research lines on full production chains at larger scale will enable this sustainability d assessment and study potential implementation.

At AlgaePARC techno –economic (TE) and life-cycle analysis (LCA) models are developed and continuously upgraded with own experimental data and experience. These models are used a.o. as a guiding tool to setting up new research programs at AlgaePARC.

Research Technology

Techno-economic models

In past years a techno-economic model has been developed and further optimized to predict economic feasibility and energy consumption of microalgal cultivation and processing at commercial scale. Both the techno-economic model for cultivation and for biorefinery have been based on available information obtained empirically, from biological models and literature.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

LCA allows the assessment of process sustainability.

LCA studies will be based on real time data which is extrapolated to new situations by using process models and simulation tools. By using these models and tools, bottlenecks in the LCA-performance can be localized and alternative solutions be developed.

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