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The AlgaePARC research approach is a unique, multifaceted approach in which various research disciplines are combined. By joining our extensive knowledge in the fields of cellular processes, strain development, cultivation optimisation, scale up, biorefinery and product development, and chain analys is and design, we are able to optimise the microalgae and cyanobacteria production chain in an integral way.

Cellular processesCellular processes

AlgaePARC continuously strives to advance our understanding of the physiological processes occurring in the cell that lead to growth and the production of valuable biomolecules. Deeper understanding of these processes and their regulation under various cultivation conditions allows us to find targets for strain improvement and c...

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Strain improvementStrain improvement

To achieve high productivity of different components, or to make microalgae and cyanobacteria more suitable for production at an industrial scale, improving of physiological properties of microalgae is often required. To this end we are focusing on strain development via classical selection methods or by genetic modification. ...

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Cultivation optimisationCultivation optimisation

An important way to decrease the costs of microalgae and cyanobacteria production is by increasing the production rate of biomass and products in a photobioreactor. This can be done either by optimizing the operation strategy of the bioreactor or improving the design of the photobioreactor. Both will have
implication for s...

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Scale upScale up

We envision a future of large-scale outdoor production on sunlight and waste carbon dioxide for a combination of foods, feeds, chemicals and energy carriers. For commercial production of algae or cyanobacteria for commodities, production costs should decrease tenfold and scale of production should increase to industrial scale. T...

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Biorefinery and product developmentBiorefinery and product development

Biorefinery refers to the process of converting biomass into feedstocks that can be used in the manufacturing of a whole range of products for food, feed, fuel, materials, pharma and chemical applications. This approach is analogous to the refinery of crude oil where a range of products is manufactured from a single feedstock to...

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Chain analysis and designChain analysis and design

The business case of biobased products from microalgae and cyanobacteria requires chain sustainability with regard to economics, environmental and social aspects, offering a more sustainable solution than the bulk commodities available today. In addition, the economics should show the potential of the process and related product...

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