Education programs

As the activities in the algae field are increasing there is a serious need for adequately trained people. At AlgaePARC 4 courses have been developed:

1. High school students: Students can do a design challenge in which students are in a competition for the design of the best production systems.

2. BSc Biotechnology: Besides classes in algal phyiology, students do a practical where they have to design a process to produce as much a s possible of an algal metabolite. In the practicals the production strategies will be tested and compared

3. MSc Biotechnology: a course is given on the design on production systems. This course is based on mathematical modelling Graduate course: a short and intensive course in fundamentals and design of photobioreactor systems for PhD students and bioprocess engineers. The 10 days course is a combination of courses and practicals in photobioreactor design. Digital learning material is used to support students in a case study on the design of photobioreactors for algal growth and production

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Education programs Education programs Education programs
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